Sub-irrigation systems

We sell plant displays with sub-irrigation watering systems. The advantages of this system over a conventionally potted and top watered plant in my opinion are numerous 

1. Less time and less hassle spent watering plants.
2. Less chance of overwatering a plant and thus killing it - the sub-irrigation reservoir can be filled with water and left until dry which may be several weeks depending on local conditions.
3. The compost is evenly watered around the plants roots.
4. There is much less soil compaction compared with top watering.
5. Dry top soil lessens the chances of insects and molds.

However there are still some things to consider when using a sub-irrigation system

1. Make sure the plant has a ‘dry’ period after the reservoir has emptied.
2. Check the soil moisture levels before refilling the reservoir to make sure the plant is being watered correctly. (In an office there is a chance that the plant is being top watered as well !