LIVING GREEN WALLS: Easy to maintain, Instant green

This green wall is designed where impact is needed but space and budget are limited. At 2m x 0.8m this green wall is ideal for most situations. If you want to have green plants in your office but don't have the floor space then green wall is an ideal solution. The green walls are supplied with an irrigation system that makes it very simple to look after yourself. The plants are chosen with easy maintenance in mind. This green wall is delivered and installed at your premises by our technician - he or she will also explain how easy it is to look after and maintain the green wall.

Our green wall system is manufactured by NextGen Living Walls - we are fully trained and certified as "Official NextGen Living Walls Experts”

NextGen Living Walls

Each plant is supplied with its own wick which sits in the water as illustrated - the plant waters itself ! Depending on the light and heat the wall will need watering approximately every 4-6 weeks with a watering can. 

Introduction to our live green walls


We also supply bespoke living green walls that are designed for both indoors and outdoors. We can design, install and maintain your living green wall project or we can work with your architects, interior designers and main-contractors as part of a larger building project. Our living wall system is a modular system and is available in many different sizes from small to large sizes.

This time lapse video's illustrates a live green wall installation from start to finish

Our living wall system is a modular system and is available in many different sizes from small to large sizes. Also available as a living wall tower with an integrated reservoir and pump, which makes watering easy.  With a wide selection of plants which can be used for the living wall, our walls allow for a lot of creative freedom to create a stunning design. 

Living wall tower with reservoir and integrated water pump

Living wall tower with reservoir and integrated water pump


LIVING WALL TOWER with integrated reservoir and water pump

This is a modular system, single vertical towers can be placed next to each other for complete wall coverage

Reservoirs can be any RAL colour

Reservoirs can be any RAL colour


Plant Portrait

Special offer

2 x 60cm x 80cm plant portraits for £840
2 x 80cm x 80cm plant portraits for £998

These prices include all wall fixtures & fittings & plants but does not include VAT, Delivery & Installation

Thanks to Intelligent Conversation - photos as shown above by Craig Strong

Our plant portraits make great cost effective live green art for the wall. The system is easy to install and simple to use. Each plant portrait contains 4 shelves and is available in 2 different widths , 60 cm and 80 cm each are 80 cm high. The frame can be painted in any RAL colour to suit any colour scheme. Simply add a wick to each plant pot and then add the plants to each shelf which is then watered. This simple system means that installation is quick and plant replacements are fast and easy.


LivePicture is a piece of living artwork that bridges the gap between plants and art. LivePicture has a patented self-watering system hidden behind the frame. The plants are supplied water via a capillary wicking system. You only need to add water once every six weeks. 

LivePicture is available in a range of sizes to suit most spaces. The powder coated steel frame is available in standard silver, white and charcoal colours. 


  • LivePicture 2 : 112 x 72 x 7 cm

  • LivePicture 3 : 152 x 72 x 7 cm

  • LivePicture 4 : 192 x 72 x 7 cm

  • LivePicture XL : 112 x 170 x 7 cm

ROOM Divider


Our Room Divider is a flexible system designed to partition and divide spaces

  • Available in one-sided and two-sided models.

  • Suitable for both hydro- and soil plants.

  • Standard 100 cm trays for 13/12 hydro or 14/14cm soil plants.

  • Easy to install and easy to water.

  • Side panels available in standard white version, gloss white and gloss silver or any other RAL colour.

  • Designed with strong adjustable foot supports (wheels available upon request).

  • Cover can be painted in all colours.

  • Sturdy Cover to hide frame and collect debris as necessary


room divider dimensions.PNG


  • Room Divider one sided - white - includes plants £1700 plus VAT & delivery

  • Room Divider two sided - white - includes plants £2932 plus VAT & delivery


room divider side view.PNG